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Established in 2003

If you are thinking about starting your own business, self-employment or consultancy you are not alone. A significant number of people who come to see us are. The Forté Four Day Business-in-Action Programme has been developed specifically to help you crystallise your ideas into a business niche – and to get moving on developing it.

The Forté approach to careers, work and employment is focussed on developing a fully integrated life-style: business, work and leisure all pulling together for your fulfilment.

Here’s what other Graduates of the Programme have said …

"Personalised for each individual ..."

"What makes this training different is that it is personalised for each individual.  It’s a “confidence” programme too, you don’t just imagine your dream business but you actually start walking and running it. You achieve your goals in this programme – there's no bluffing!”
Libby Duff owner of  "Herbs and Gardens"

"Creating customers ..."

“I am delighted by the value I have received. I set a goal of achieving 90% success in quoting for design work and I have been able to create work for myself in a very short time…”
Tim Feather of Tim Feather Landscape Design
(Postscript: On the Saturday after the last day of the Forténdeavour™ Programme Tim did five quotes for potential clients and came away with six contracts, a 120% conversion rate! )

"Key ideas ..."

“More confidence that I have made the right business decision … the importance of the key ideas you teach and how they are so integral to a really sustainable business”
Heather King, Business Support Services

"Focus on task ..."

“What you are offering is well worth the time and money commitment. Your focus on the task at hand comes shining through  … Forever grateful for the support you and Fran give me”
Sandra Fiedeldy,  Owner, Kids Art Works (International franchise)

What is an Entrepreneurial Lifestyle?

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions then you are living an entrepreneurial lifestyle …

  • Can you decide when and where you work?
  • Are you passionate or inspired about what you are doing?  All of it?
  • Are you fully responsible for the big picture direction your work is going in?
  • Do you feel creatively fulfilled through your work?
  • Is your whole life integrated around the core areas of life you really value?
  • Do you share your work with people that really matter to you?
  • Is your work directly creating long term value for you, your family and the community?
  • Would you do it for free & is it fun?

We have developed an entrepreneurial lifestyle 

It’s an ongoing project (of course!) – both an achievement and a life’s work.  We teach the “how to” of developing this sort of life. Most who aspire to it are in their own business or at some stage of transition to their own business.   

Revolutionary business niche development process

The Forté Training Programme has been helping business people since 1996. Both individuals and couples find it a rich and challenging experience, invaluable for clarifying their business niche, developing it or just starting to implement it.   

People love this programme!

The focus of the Forté Training Programme is on the practical, “how to” side of new business niche development.  The work is informed by the latest thinking in small business development.  The target is to achieve fulfilling work through running your own show – starting now.  It’s about business fitting into the full context of your life – entrepreneurial lifestyles!

TV1 "Jude Dobson at 5"
Audio clip of Frances being interviewed by Jude Dobson on entrepreneurial lifestyles and business start-up

(Barbara, Registered Nurse & Midwife)

“At the crossroads, middle-aged, seeking a career change, destination unknown. Forté™ made me realise my full potential by looking at myself and my life. It has given me the confidence to move forward” 
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