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If you have been thinking about a career change for a while but you’ve done nothing about it, you are not alone! 

Many people only think about improving their career or employment situation and do nothing about it until some disaster strikes like redundancy, burn-out, relationship or health breakdowns.  Many people short-change themselves by just thinking, and not doing anything about it.
What will it take to motivate yourself to expand your horizons and prospects for a more fulfilled life given that most people spend at least 2,000 hours of their lives every year at work and even more thinking about it? 

Here are nine questions people say really help them clarify exactly how it is for them being in this situation. We hope you find them thought-provoking and useful also.

The most effective way to use these questions is to print them out and write your responses down in one sitting, by hand, within the next five days. 

For the printable document click here

  1. How is your lack of direction, feeling stuck or confused impacting on you in your life right now in terms of your sense of enthusiasm, desire to bound out of bed on a Monday morning, fun, wellbeing, peace of mind, stress levels?  At this point we suggest you make a personal detailed list of your own to clarify this for yourself.
  2. Which one of the above is most important for you
  3. How is your dissatisfaction impacting on your attitude, performance or productivity at work?  Who do you think might be noticing.
  4. What’s it costing you in terms of money? For example many people say that because they are unhappy in their work  they find themselves compensating for not feeling fulfilled by over-buying all sorts of things they ordinarily wouldn’t need to indulge in, like food, clothes, books, alcohol etc and as a consequence find themselves out of pocket.
  5. How is your confidence taking it? People say that the longer they put off taking action the more their confidence gets eroded and the harder it is to get going.
  6. How do you think your career dissatisfaction is affecting others in your life? For example your friends, spouse, children or even work mates. Have you asked them? Sometimes friends or partners or parents phone us really concerned about the people they care for and want to be able to help but can’t by themselves.
  7. How will you feel in two years time if you are still in the same situation?
  8. When it really matters to be where you want to be, how will you feel if you haven’t done anything about it?
  9. By engaging in career development now, where would you love this to be taking you three months out from now?

CLICK HERE  for to download a Word Document version of these questions so you can answer them offline. 


(Sue, Author and Lawyer)

“Many thanks for your unflagging inspiration. I really can’t thank you enough for all your encouragement.  I don’t even want to think what I’d be doing now if I hadn’t contacted you”
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