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Established in 2003

Media writing, Interviews & Publications 

Ø  Employment Today: (February 2018), Article “Fifth generation work – a new dimension

Ø  NEXT Magazine: (February 2018: Article in Life Coach section): “Future Thinking – radical changes disrupting our careers – how to stay relevant in the workplace

Ø  NZ Weekend Business Books: (6 January 2018) “Work Passion Power: Strategies for a working life you will love” listed as one of the top self-help books for 2018. 

Ø  NZ Herald: (19 December 2017) Interview by Val Leveson “Smart way to stay on top of work”

Ø  Employment Today: (7 November 2017), Article “Valuing soft skills – the challenge and the promise”  

Ø  Radio Live: (September 2017) Interview with Carly Flynn on the release of “Work Passion Power”

Ø  Kapiti Beach FM: Interview with Nigel Hopkins on release of “Work Passion Power”

Ø  NZ Business + Management: (September 2017) Review “Book addresses employee disengagement

Ø  Newstalk ZB: (21 September 2017) Tim Fookes Morning Show: Interview on release of “Work Passion Power”

Ø  NZ Herald: (28 September 2017) Interview by Val Leveson “Writers target engagement gap

Ø  TV3 The Café: (18 September 2017 – Interview with Mel Homer in the ‘Celebrity guest slot’

Ø  Radio NZ: (3 September 2017) Interview on the Wallace Chapman’s Sunday Show “What’s up with the world of work and what can you do about it”

Ø  NZ Herald (May 31, 2015): Interview “John Campbell made for mayoralty, job advisor suggests.”

Ø  NEXT Magazine: interviews in NEXT Magazine July 2013: “Help! I’m the Boss.”

Ø  NEXT Magazine: interviews in NEXT Magazine May 2012: “How to recession proof your career”; and in October 2012: “Positive ways to handle negative feedback”

Ø  Seminar in Los Angeles (August 2011): “A Principle Based Approach to Career Development”

Ø  Look: Greater Ponsonby (July 2011): It’s all about you” Interviewed by Lisa LarkArticle in the April 2002 edition:  “Me, Myself and I” (advice for professional marketers on how to market themselves into a new career).


International Conference

Frances and Max delivered a paper on breakthrough approaches to career development at the 9th International Conference on Thinking, January 2001.  Paper title “You Can Have the Career of Your Dreams”Read More...


Public Presentations

Max and Frances frequently do public presentations on career development issues – including presentations at bookshops in Auckland.


Making the end a fresh start after redundancy

France interviewed by Julie Middleton

Forced sabbatical. Retrenchment. Separation. Development hiatus. Severance retreat. Whatever the label, it means being tipped out of your job against your will.
© New Zealand Herald
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