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Established in 2003

We are committed to adding value to your business or organisation by educating and motivating your team, whether you are
  – bringing new team members on board
  – moving forward with your best  
  – needing to improve individual and team effectiveness (becoming agile)
  – helping individuals depart

Motivational approach

The Forté approach to career development for individuals and teams in organisations is based on a clear understanding of how motivation impacts performance – individually and collectively your team will excel to the degree that they access their own motivation to contribute. This is where Forté starts and what gives our business and corporate programmes their strength.

Agile Methods for knowledge workers: team productivity & effectiveness training

We take the best of Agile Methods and adapt them to your specific culture and needs to produce significant improvememnts in business outcomes.  You can expect these techniques and coaching to improve focus, communication, customer care, reduce errors and  increase satisfaction for both staff and clients. 

Stress issues

We work with ...

  • Career development uncertainty and/or lack of skills or awareness in this area can be a significant factor in causing avoidable stress
  • You may have an employee who needs support to bring balance into his or her life
  • You may have an employee on probation who needs confidential support
  • Our methods confidently manage the complexities of the dual accountabilities in business coaching. 


You may want to reward a valued employee with an active career management program that supports his or her success in your business or organisation.

Active Career Management Seminars for rewarding, retaining and developing team members

If you want help to …

  • Retain your best team members and attract the best
  • Motivate teams to excel with continuous improvement training 
  • Avoid difficult situations getting worse
  • Reassure and develop team members following restructuring
  • Reward team members with personal career development skill training
  • Improve performance by improving team members’ motivation in relation to career development 

We run small group seminars focussed on career development theory and practice within your organisation for up to 12 of your team at a time.  Each seminar is tailored to the specific outcomes you are seeking.

People find these small, focussed seminars highly motivational and have a positive impact on their experience of work. 

Examples of what participants have said are here feedback

Executive coaching

Increasingly, high performing team members and managers seek individual support, training and coaching from independent external experts using the latest in effectiveness training. 

A significant amount of the work we do at more senior levels is in this specialised area.  Both Max and Frances bring a fresh, no nonsense and insightful approach to working with managers to improve their management and communication skills. 

This work can cover:

  • Stress management issues
  • Work-life balance techniques
  • Resolving specific communication issues 
  • Promotion and advancement strategy and tactics
  • Career 'planning' 

Package fees vary depending on your situation and needs.  Please feel free to call and discuss options – confidentially and no obligation.

Redundancy services

We offer career direction services to individuals facing redundancy or who have recently been made redundant. [individual services]

We specialise in helping people get over the shock of redundancy quickly and move forward positively.  This includes customised CV and interview preparation work.

  • Strategies for dealing with the emotional fall-out from redundancy  
  • Dealing with confidence issues
  • Communication diagnostics:  identifying and solving what’s not working
  • Self-marketing 
  • Job search strategy & tactics
  • Market research methods to sharpen individual job search strategies
  • Job search debriefing – solving the puzzles of failed searches

Frances has been interviewed numerous by different media. For example [articles in the herald] on redundancy and related issues.[return to top]

Feedback from Active Career Management Seminars 

  • Extremely well facilitated, extremely useful information and a good balance of interaction
  • Started to deal with constraints to building my confidence
  • Enjoyable and good interaction
  • The most valuable thing I got was a clear idea of my interests and aspirations
  • Refreshed by your approach and delivery at a time that is very pertinent for me
  • Very interesting and thought provoking 
  • Innovative and useful
  • The most valuable things I got are an idea and understanding of my true goals and ideas about where to start and ways to  move forward. 
  • The workshop was very inspiring and Frances has the ability to get things out into the open
  • Sharing time, Interactions with others who have similar dreams, fears & aspirations
  • Taking time in a structured way to look really hard at where I’m going, but more importantly, where I could go
  • Frances’s questioning, her structures & processes, notes & info, brief exercises, all led to practical steps I can take.
  • Great goal finding
  • Dealing with obstacles, identifying obstacles, how to overtake them, how to talk about them constructively
  • It helped me to take time out and focus on what I really want to do and need to do to get started
  • Self reflection, identifying and clarifying strengths, identifying obstacles, networking ideas – and how these relate to the process of career planning

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