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Having a top notch CV (or résumé) is an essential ingredient for success in your job search.  But it should not stand alone.

It is most effective when integrated into the other parts of your overall search strategy. 

Your CV has to be supported by authentic accompanying material such as your covering letter.  The process of presenting your CV to potential employers needs to be thought through carefully. 

We do not just write CVs and Cover Letter for clients. It is critical that your documents are authentically yours. We will edit and advise you on your CV and covering materials once we have worked with you to understand precisely what you are looking for, your strengths and weaknesses and determined your CV strategy best suited to your situation.  This is how we can be assured of providing effective CV advice with integrity. 

This work is a separate service to consultations and seminar teaching. Fees will depend on exactly what needs to be achieved following consultation.

It calls on the experience of having been exposed to and worked with well over a thousand CVs.

The Forte Careers CV Resource Kit

If you need a new CV or want to update your old CV the Forte Careers CV Resource Kit will put you on the right track quickly and simply. 

Dozens of books and thousands of pages have been written about CVs or résumés.  What makes the Forte Careers CV Resource Kit different is that we have cut through to the absolute essentials of a great CV and provide easy to use templates to fill in.

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“I feel very confident that I have found the area that I should be working in, and much to my amazement it is not in a field which I had at all considered prior to my meetings with you.” 
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