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Fees depend on each individual's situation and needs.  People work at different rates and need different things.  So, during your first telephone conversation with Frances she will give you a clear indication of the likely costs, based on your situation and needs. In career direction work and workplace strategies for greater fulfilment one size definitely does not fit all. 

People are sometimes initially reluctant to invest the time and money needed to get clear about their career direction, goals, strategy, action plans, skill development and so on.  We understand this.  But repeatedly clients come back to us saying how pleased they are that they made the decision to go ahead. 

Often they have spent more on a holiday that's over in a week than they have invested in career development that impacts their lives daily for decades. This investment will ensure that the thousands of hours you work will give you maximum benefit and generate the financial power you need to progress with your life.

The time and money you invest now in your career future will continue to return dividends for years to come.

People often comment that this initial call is itself worth heaps to them in terms of getting clear about what they need to be thinking about.

The investment in your career direction is a critical one.  What you will get includes:

  • 5 to 6 hours (approximately) of in-person, one to one, consultations over three or four weeks
  • Telephone follow up support calls during this time between sessions
  • Career Direction Workbook valued at NZ$95.00 including GST
  • Follow up coaching call approximately 90 days following completion of the work

Charges for telephone consultations

For individual clients there are no additional fees or charges for telephone follow up and coaching between sessions (and there is obviously a reasonable use expectation. Telephone coaching can be explicitly structured into the work as well. In which case fees apply.) 

For corporate and business clients, fees for telephone consultations depend on the terms of contract. 

Business seminars and services

Our fees for larger organisations and businesses are by negotiation depending on size, level of seniority involved, frequency and outcomes being sought.


Fees for redundancy related individual services depend on the level and circumstances.  Please feel free to call and discuss your needs.

Public seminars

We run a variety of career development seminars at different levels.  Fees for these vary depending on number of participants, purpose, duration etc.  We are happy to discuss possible seminar options with you, no obligation. 

Presentations and public talks (free and sponsored)

We are committed to making a contribution wherever possible - Forté gives a variety of talks on career and work issues in book shops, to service organisations, libraries, universities, professional associations and many others.

Payment terms

For individuals,  we appreciate payment at the end of each session by direct credit, however we are very happy to invoice you if required.

We do not process any credit cards, so Direct Deposits are appreciated, also cash and (even) cheques.  Any problems, please discuss.

Next steps

So that we can help you best, the most efficient next step is for you to telephone Frances at Forté Careers.

Please call Frances on 027 717 9205
or in the first instance email us at

(We are happy to call you back, and will do so as soon as possible if unavailable at the time you call)


(Roland,  Software Sales Engineer)

“I have also learned to accept that no job is forever and as you have taught, it is more important to proactively manage your career than to wait. Cheers to your excellent advice”
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