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Why bother investing in your career development …

“Some people spend weeks planning a holiday, Christmas dinner or a trip to the rugby and yet expect their career direction to be solved in twenty minutes even though they spend thousands & thousands of hours at work”    From the Sydney Morning Herald (sorry, we wish we had noted the date!) 

What do you do to make your employment situation bearable?  Many people spend money on clothes, cafés, food (restaurants & snacks), alcohol and a million and one other things, to distract themselves from having to deal with their work situation.

There are many benefits you can expect from working on your career or employment situation with Forté Career and Business Designs
You can …

  • Save years of wasted effort wondering whether you are in the right field or moving in the right direction
  • Put an end to moaning “there’s got to be more to life than this”
  • Make sure your education & training are lined up with where you really want to be going and save thousands of dollars and years of effort
  • You can make thousands of dollars more than you might otherwise by avoiding the setbacks from chopping and changing from one career to another or from one position to another
  • You can expect to be on the way towards fulfilling work – even work that really inspires you and make good money at the same time
  • You’ll be a happier person & more fun to be with!
(Mandy, Business Manager)

“Thanks so much for our session together on Monday. I feel so much clearer and as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I really appreciate your time and genuine interest and caring”
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